Seth Godin
mentions (in his book Small is the New Big) multipational as people
having more than one job and how it is increasingly difficult to define
what you do in a few words.

So I have to ask: “what do you do?”

5 years ago I would have had a simple answer: I’m a software tester.

Now it is much more different, and I’m definitely no exception.

So what do I do? This is my attempt:

  • I’m a company director/owner
  • I’m a Test Consultant / Software Tester
  • I’m a Business Developer
  • I’m a (online) marketeer
  • I’m a SEO & web editor
  • I’m an event organiser
  • I’m a community builder
  • I’m a writer
  • I’m a web geek

I do all of the above on a weekly basis and really do enjoy doing all of them. I love the variety of what I do and believe I would struggle to find a similar variation if I didn’t ‘run my own company’.

I’m not saying I’m an expert in all of them, but the point is you don’t have to anymore. With the web/answers at your finger tips, why pay someone else to do something that you can and enjoy doing yourself.

Of course it doesn’t mean you have to do everything. I’m definitely glad I can get someone else to do my book-keeping and accounts!

So, what do you do?