RSS has to be the most useful *thing* on the web, I can’t imagine life on the web without it.

On another side, FaceBook comes along and with it people are creating groups here there and everywhere. The groups are probably the only place where some useful content is being posted (that doesn’t mean I think it is any good). Yet I’ve not kept up with any of them - why? Because there are no RSS feeds.

It kinda seems like a fundamental flaw to me.

You can get some RSS updates - yet they are associated to your profile, like, erm: zombies invitations, food fight notes, grow your own virtual garden, being poked. Useful stuff!

For me FaceBook is about:

  • Finding current and old friends
  • Keeping in contact with people (if you don’t know their email, check FaceBook)
  • Remembering (or finding out) when people’s birthdays are and to then send a message via FaceBook or Twitter to wish them a Happy Birthday.
  • If you have a few free moments Scrabulous is probably the best *fun* thing on FaceBook.

It’s not about groups, at least not for me until they sort out some RSS!

Rant over.