It’s my son’s 4th birthday in November which reminds me I’ve not been an employee for around 4 yrs.  For those that don’t know I’ve not been unemployed either.

Time does fly.  Here are a few points, thoughts and experiences about doing business the Rosie way.


  • Working late
  • Getting up early
  • Having not one, but two kids
  • Juggling kids, childcare, labour(!)
  • Hating accounts, loving my book keeper.
  • Struggling to find work
  • Struggling to keep up with the amount of work
  • Happy customers
  • Difficult people
  • No social life
  • Networking, networking, networking


  • I’m going to quit, resign, give up.
  • I might as well just keep going…why do I bother?
  • Push, push, I must get through this dip
  • Ah, I’m at the top of the hill.  I love running my own business
  • Oooh, that looks like a nice permanent job
  • I work too much
  • I should be in bed
  • My eyes are going square
  • Think I’ll just sneak a nap while my boys watch TV
  • My boys know what *email* is and that I check it alot
  • I want to be a full time mum
  • I’m so glad I’m not a full time mum.

Why Rosie does business:

  • Bad experiences with employers
  • No flexibility with employers
  • I need flexibility - I can put in the hours, just not between 9-5 everyday
  • I love to work
  • Commuting is BAD
  • I’m good at what I do, I can do it better than others
  • I like to be in (more) control
  • I like/need to see my boys more than just at bedtime and weekends
  • Local community is important.
  • It’s not just about the money
  • Good business ethics are important.

It’s bloody hard work, but I do believe it will be rosie at the end of the tunnel 🙂