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Fieldstoning in the Digital Age

So, after a couple of tweets the other day (thanks @imccowatt and @martialtester), I purchased Weinberg on Writing – The Fieldstone Method (Kindle version is much cheaper!). In it Weinberg talks about Fieldstoning- gathering bits of information/inspiration/ideas/text/etc, logging it in an organised way and perhaps using it in the future for pulling a piece (or pieces)

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What makes you happy?

As I continue down this path of creating a business, I find myself constantly questioning things.  It can feel lonely sometimes as it’s hard to talk to people about the full picture. I mean, how many times have you asked people, “How’s business?” and they’ve responded with “Really bad actually….”.  It just doesn’t happen, most

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The Fail of Hosted Web Solutions

It’s so easy to sign up to hosted web solutions. Within a few minutes you can have your own blog, community, ecommerce shop, etc…but it can be so ‘dangerous’ too. ‘Dangerous’in the sense that you have no control how the business that runs the software will perform in the future and what decisions they decide

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On A Diet of Information

So, the consumption of information is an interesting topic for me. It’s kind of crucial to have an understanding of it in order to run the Software Testing Club and The Testing Planet. It’s part of the job of running a website, community and publication, isn’t it? I should understand how people are consuming information.

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Google+ ticking all those boxes for me

I recently realised I’ve been a member of Flickr for 6 years. That has made me feel old. Check out my first photo. You can see where it was taken. And what camera was used, hah. Needless to see, 99% of my photos have been taken on phones. I’m not a professional photographer, don’t seek to

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Instagram didn’t anticipate so many followers?

I’ve taken up using Instagram alot. Jamie Oliver kept cropping up as a recommended user. I like what he does, so I followed him. Then I noticed that each of his photos gets a stupid amount of ‘likes’ each time.  I wondered how many followers he had, but it appears Instagram is a bit confused.

On Communication: Drop Box Stalking

We use DropBox for producing The Testing Planet. Being a virtual team it is very handy! One thing about working virtually is that it can be quite hard to know if someone has started on something or what stage they are on a certain project. With The Testing Planet it is a case of managing,

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39 people are talking about this

An interesting added feature came live for me and The Software Testing Club Facebook page today. It’s a simple added stat that shows the number of *interactions* that have happened on the page.  Interactions include things like *likes*, comments, photos posted, etc. The metric is worth keeping an eye on and it gives myself and

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