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Embedding Running Into Daily Life

One of the things I’m keen on doing is making running, or even walking, a more embedded part of our lifestyle. Earlier this year we got a new car, 5 kids now basically means we need a van.  The problem is we kept hold of our old car too.  The plan was to sell it

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This Week Has Been About Tiredness

Often, I feel like I shouldn’t write about these things, because…first world problems. But sometimes life just catches you. This week I got tired.  Mostly life is pretty non-stop and I get frustrated that I just can’t seem to find the time for myself.  Not running as much for the past 3 weeks hasn’t helped. 

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Codie Runs His First #5k

I’m so proud of Codie! He has become quite physically fit recently and keen to do many things.  Currently he does JuiJitSu twice a week, football (socially) a couple times a week, gymnastics once a week, forest school once a week and swimming once a week. We’ve also spotted a volleyball class that his eyes

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