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Getting Twestimonials – the Twitter, open and honest way

One of my partners in crime had just a few minutes before leaving to meet a client and asked me if she could have a testimonial of my work that involved Community Management. The problem was I didn’t, but it turned out not to be such a problem.  Twitter saved me. I asked. And I

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What I want to be known for

I attended an event on reputation management with Julia Chanteray last night where apart from some great tips on how to manage our reputation we were asked to tell the group what we want people to know us for.  I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to log where I am now

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The next logical step

So I keep getting told that “I am everywhere” and that it “seems like I help organise everything that goes on digitally in Brighton”. So whilst that is obviously not true, I thought I would keep up with being a part of everything by joining up as a partner/co-director with the lovely James McCarthy and

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