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Back to basics with community building and creating civilisations!

Recently I’ve been re-inspired with the whole concept of community.  Whilst it’s always been in my heart, it’s easy to let life overflow with other things. I’ve always enjoyed software testing, but the ability to create a community is really what has continually sparked my fire. I’m currently really enjoy reading The Art of Gathering. 

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Obligation to opt out of Facebook

Here’s an article questioning whether users should feel obligated to opt out of Facebook.  It is a topic I think about a lot and it’s easy to ignore it when life is always so busy. My trouble atm is that I’m part of many FB groups, this is probably what keeps me going back more

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Google+ ticking all those boxes for me

I recently realised I’ve been a member of Flickr for 6 years. That has made me feel old. Check out my first photo. You can see where it was taken. And what camera was used, hah. Needless to see, 99% of my photos have been taken on phones. I’m not a professional photographer, don’t seek to

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