Podcasts I’ve Listened To

In an effort to listen to more podcasts, I’m keeping track of the episodes I’ve listened to.


  • Hard Words: why aren’t our kids being taught to read? (Educate)
  • #078 – Taking on Google and Facebook as a solo open source founder with Evan You of Veu.js (Indie Hackers)
  • #068 – Finding Success as a first time founder with Mathilde Collin of Front (Indie Hackers)
  • #069 – How to use patience and empathy to reach millions with Ben Halpern of Dev.to (Indie Hackers)
  • #Time Ferriss: What really matters [Best of] (Good Life Project)
  • To Succeed at Anything, do this. Jonathan Fields. (Good Life Project)
  • #079 – Things Every Founder Should Know About Growth with Julian Shapiro of Bell Curve (Indie Hackers)
  • #073 – Building the Habits Necessary to Succeed as a Founder with James Clear (Indie Hackers)
  • Tapping Alter-Egos To Unlock Hidden-Potential: Todd Herman (Good Life Project)
  • Mark Nepo: More Together Than Alone. (Good Life Project)
  • #50 – Inventing the Future: My Interview With Lux Capital’s Josh Wolfe (The Knowledge Project – Farnam St)
  • #46 – Authenticity, Kindness, and Self Love: My Conversation with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (The Knowledge Project – Farnam St)
  • Episode 44: The Kids Are Worth It: My Interview with Parenting Expert Barbara Coloroso (The Knowledge Project – Farnam St)
  • #11: Mask – Emma Stroud (School for Mothers)
  • #113: Global School Play Day: One Day. Nothing but play. (The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast)
  • Priya Parker: The Art of The Gather (Good Life Project)
  • Caterina Fake – Tim Ferris
  • Model Behaviour – Caterina Fake – Masters of Scale
  • #16 Bottle – School for Mothers
  • The Path to Perpetual Progress (The Knowledge Project)
  • #011 – How Bill Bishop cut a path from the Tiananmen Square Massacre to the inboxes of America’s power brokers – (The Substack Podcast)
  • Andrew Mishalove – The Community Roundtable
  • Conversations with Community Managers – Peter Broadley – The Community Round Table