Ideas on Growth

I’m not really keen on the term growth hacking.  But it is what it is, I suppose.  Really, they are more like growth tests. Or growth ideas.

You have this project, or business.  And you want to grow it.  How do you grow it? You need ideas and you need to test them out to see what works.  It’s a pretty simple idea tbh! 🙂

This is an area that I will continually update with ideas on how to grow.

Get Feedback

Engage with your visitors or customers with things like:

Ask for the share

Simple, but probably over used these days.  How can you ask your people to share things for you?

Landing pages

How can you focus in on a specific pain, need, challenge and communicate that effectively with a landing page?  Use different offers, target different customer segment, highlight unique selling points.

Paid ads should be sent to specific landing pages.

Use ads to test content ideas

Ad formats have the key ingredients for a landing page:

  • Headline
  • Body copy
  • Image

Using paid ads can save you time and money.  Done without thought can also waste lots of money.

Depending on the platform you use, target your users as much as possible.

Track your links

Use or create your own via UTM source and Google Analytics.

Remove links that distract

On landing and conversion pages, remove links that distract.  E.g. main navigation / header links.

Encourage emails sign ups, easily, anywhere

Upscribe seems like a nice and easy tool to embed a sign up to an email newsletter link anywhere.  I think this is particularily great for those platforms where you don’t have much flexibility with layout (e.g. Medium).

Accepting Recurring Payments

Find tools to easily accept online payments.