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Puzzles ftw

I love puzzles and have spent a fair good chunk of money on them. I really believe they help develop the mind and concentration. I often swap them around to give variety to the little ones. Eloise has become a bit of a whiz at them. Here she is doing a puzzle on a girls

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Promoted Tweets Humour – When People Respond To Ads

What happens when you can talk back to ads? This does! All the Tweets below were promoted tweets. @onefinestay Like I know anyone with the resources to own a home in central London. — Thomas Thurman (@tjathurman) December 30, 2012 @SenditByPost i already have your app, but since i promised myself id never use

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New York Times – subscriptions exceed advertising revenue

There are many companies trying to charge for subscriptions. It is early days yet for most of them which means positive results are hard to find. It’s interesting to see that apparently The New York Times subscription revenue has exceeded advertising revenue.  This is very much what I am trying to do with The Testing

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