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Coaches for employees

For Ministry of Testing I’ve often thought about coaches for our team.  It’s not something I’ve managed to look into in detail, but interesting to see a company offer it as a service. Guided is the easiest way to offer high quality and affordable coaching to all of your employees –

Not all the tools in the box…

Stand-ups, planning, and retros are a tool and you should be putting a lot of thought into what tools you use. Source: It’s so easy to get carried away with doing all the things.  Often you forget about what you actually need.  At MoT we have very few meetings, once every week or two for

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Things they don’t teach you running a business by yourself

I should probably write one of these myself.  But for now, it’s nice reading it from someone else’s perspective. Yes, indie businesses are all the rage at the moment.  Little did I know I started one all those years back. One of the most hotly talked about topics in tech right now is starting an

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The Bullshit Web

So refreshing to read this.  Would it be possible to see a movement towards a minimalistic web? So, with an internet connection faster than I could have thought possible in the late 1990s, what’s the score now? A story at the Hill took over nine seconds to load; at Politico, seventeen seconds; at CNN, over thirty seconds. This is the bullshit web.

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Teach Yourself Computer Science

From a testing perspective I would love to know how many subjects within this TeachYourselfCS site that testers have gone to the effort to learn.  Of course it depends, but how necessary/beneficial is it. (I haven’t tried to learn each topic in details, I find it overwhelming!) TL;DR: Study all nine subjects below, in roughly

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The Site Reliability Workbook

This book is the companion volume to Google’s first book, Site Reliability Engineer‐ ing. To get the most out of this volume, we recommend that you have read, or can refer to, the first SRE book (available to read online for free at Source: