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Decision Journals

There seems to be a journal for everything these days. Here’s one designed to help you through the process of making decisions.  An interesting idea that I’m logging here for future reference. View The Decision Journal. For those that don’t want a journal, there’s an article and a PDF template too.

Ethical Events Software

This Tweet has been making the rounds over the weekend.  At MoT we use Tito, which we’ve always been happy with.  The team behind it have always been super proactive and supportive. I’ve also been aware that Eventbrite (I refuse to link to them!) bought Lanyrd a few years back and since then Lanyrd has

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I’ve been paying more attention to the term ‘meritocracy’ after I read the book Technically Wrong.  The guy (Michael Young) who coined the term meant it as satire. As with many things these days, we need to be careful, rethink and recreate what we know. The man who coined the word four decades ago wishes

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Being Open About Motherhood

I’m finding it interesting that women (not necessarily mothers) are starting to reach out and thank me as I start to be more open about motherhood and how I balance things with my family.  Mostly the comments are thanking me for being open about things and showing how things can be done in a different

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Notecard system

I’ve started experimenting with my own note taking system.  It’s too early to share specifics, so far I’ve been taking notes the past few weeks and dumping them into a pile.  I expect to revisit them at some point to start organising them into something useful for my ongoing projects and ideas. Here’s an interesting

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Too much automation you say Elon Musk?

The Tweet going around atm that I believe many testers are loving. Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 13, 2018 In the past month, Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of 123,000 of its older Model S vehicles, dealt with

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TestBash Feedback

Probably the most meaningful Tweet for me from TestBash Netherlands, especially as I was watching from afar.  This community has been growing strong! Once all complex problems are solved I want to become a tester, purely because of the #TestBash community. Thanks for the opportunity to speak at the most warmhearted, fun and well organized

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