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Highrise goes back to 37Signals

It will be interesting, especially as a Highrise customer, to see what comes of Highrise going back under the banner of Basecamp.  Whilst I haven’t dug up their announcement from ‘selling’ Highrise, this announcement definitely feels different.  I don’t hold judgement in anyway, more an observation that we are all experimenting in the world of

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Promoted Tweets Humour – When People Respond To Ads

What happens when you can talk back to ads? This does! All the Tweets below were promoted tweets. @onefinestay Like I know anyone with the resources to own a home in central London. — Thomas Thurman (@tjathurman) December 30, 2012 @SenditByPost i already have your app, but since i promised myself id never use

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New York Times – subscriptions exceed advertising revenue

There are many companies trying to charge for subscriptions. It is early days yet for most of them which means positive results are hard to find. It’s interesting to see that apparently The New York Times subscription revenue has exceeded advertising revenue.  This is very much what I am trying to do with The Testing

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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Really Like Selling Kindle Editions on Amazon

I’ve been sticking up the last few editions of The Testing Planet up on Amazon as a Kindle edition.  Upon reflection, I’m really not that impressed.  I put up the latest edition with reluctance. Perhaps I’m missing some tricks, please enlighten me if I am! There’s a few reasons why: Reporting is really poor I

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How Marketeers Ruin Social Media

I’ve created this based on my experience of community building within the Software Testing Club.  It’s mostly true, though somewhat (not very) exaggerated. I should also add that not all marketeers are like this 🙂

Fieldstoning in the Digital Age

So, after a couple of tweets the other day (thanks @imccowatt and @martialtester), I purchased Weinberg on Writing – The Fieldstone Method (Kindle version is much cheaper!). In it Weinberg talks about Fieldstoning- gathering bits of information/inspiration/ideas/text/etc, logging it in an organised way and perhaps using it in the future for pulling a piece (or pieces)

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What makes you happy?

As I continue down this path of creating a business, I find myself constantly questioning things.  It can feel lonely sometimes as it’s hard to talk to people about the full picture. I mean, how many times have you asked people, “How’s business?” and they’ve responded with “Really bad actually….”.  It just doesn’t happen, most

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The Fail of Hosted Web Solutions

It’s so easy to sign up to hosted web solutions. Within a few minutes you can have your own blog, community, ecommerce shop, etc…but it can be so ‘dangerous’ too. ‘Dangerous’in the sense that you have no control how the business that runs the software will perform in the future and what decisions they decide

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