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USA Part 2

Last Autumn I went to California for a workliday.  It was awesome. This time I’m off to Philadelphia for BaconBiz.  A small conference for peeps like me who bootstrap their business along the bumpy roads.  I will then head on down to North Carolina. The big difference for me is that I’m travelling alone. No

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The 21 Hour Work Week

I read this report on a 21 hour work week by the NEF 3 years ago (when it first came out).  It talks about the benefits that would be achieved if society adopted or moved towards a 21 hour work week – the benefits which included economic, heatlh and community.  It really is worth a read. Since

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Less Is More

The more you have, the more you use.  The old saying is that less is more. Take a business for example –  ‘old’ businesses are often burdened with more.  It’s hard to get rid of waste. It’s hard to change or innovate. It’s hard for the people and the business to be nimble and quick.

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