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Conference Observations

During my limited time of running conferences I’ve come across some observations that I thought I would share.  This is from experience of organising TestBash. People Advised Me Against It Before starting TestBash I spoke to several people about the idea.  Many of them told me to be very careful. That conferences are very hard

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You don’t launch a popular _______

You don’t launch a popular blog, you build one. – Seth Godin This resonates with me. Because it applies to most things in life. You don’t launch a popular community, you build one. You don’t launch a successful career, you build one. You don’t launch a successful startup, you build one. You get the picture.

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Brighton Community Managers

Having run communities in various forms over the past 5 years or so I thought it was about time I met some other ‘community manager’ type people.  It seemed like the ideal time with Community Manager Appreciation day coming up in January. So I went ahead and scheduled a meetup for community managers or those

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When Free Is Not Always The Best

I’ve had many thoughts and dilemas about how to approach building a community as a sustainable business. People want things for free, no doubt about it. But there’s also the trend of people paying for things because they like it.  They could quite easily get away with not paying, but many people are opting in

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How Marketeers Ruin Social Media

I’ve created this based on my experience of community building within the Software Testing Club.  It’s mostly true, though somewhat (not very) exaggerated. I should also add that not all marketeers are like this 🙂

Communities as a Business – A Checklist of Revenue Models

I’ve done my fair share of community building over the past few years and over that time I’ve researched and practiced specific business/revenue models. Some with more success than others! 🙂 I thought it would be handy producing a quick reference list of potential revenue streams to explore.  FWIW, I’ve not used every method listed

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On A Diet of Information

So, the consumption of information is an interesting topic for me. It’s kind of crucial to have an understanding of it in order to run the Software Testing Club and The Testing Planet. It’s part of the job of running a website, community and publication, isn’t it? I should understand how people are consuming information.

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