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Coaches for employees

For Ministry of Testing I’ve often thought about coaches for our team.  It’s not something I’ve managed to look into in detail, but interesting to see a company offer it as a service. Guided is the easiest way to offer high quality and affordable coaching to all of your employees –

Keeping Track of Books Read

I have two teens in the house at the moment (13 & 14) and I really appreciate the discussions we have and all the resulting decisions they make in regards to their ‘education’. We are (currently) lucky in the UK to not have too much monitoring on our learning activities and I’ve traditionally not been

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One of the greatest things about unschooling is the ability to witness your life and connections around you. The love, the learning, the reality, the growth, the good times and the god awful bad times. This is how people grow into well balanced human beings. The more we unschool, the more I want to be

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Debt instead of venture funding

I love reading stories of companies that don’t sell out and try to find their own creative way.  It also makes me feel better about Ministry of Testing being a Wistia customer. 🙂 This shares how Wistia decided to take on debt instead of selling out. There were a few things within it that reminds me

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Lose Control

As a modern human race we seem to have become obsessed with the need to control and measure everything. At school there is so much that is monitored, controlled and measured.  It’s scary to even think about some of the things that are being trialled out.  Gathering student brainwave data is one example. Or the

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MoT Release Notes

Today I discovered that we do deploy on Fridays 😀 Ministry of Testing now sharing our release notes so you can see the things we are doing.  Small steps to being more visible about the work we do. Thank you Team MoT.

Piper Has Flipped On Us!

Of course, not physically flipping!  But she’s changed on us literally overnight. Up until last week she was a complete night owl.  Not going to sleep properly until midnight, sometimes with a bit of luck it she would be asleep by 10pm.  The knock on effect is that she wouldn’t wake up until midday.  Which

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Whoa moments

The sun is setting, it’s getting dark and a bit chilly. But the weather has been gorgeous today.  Life with weather like this makes everything feel so good. I’m sitting the the garden to get some quiet space and get something published. Writing always makes me feel better. [As a little side note, whilst writing this,

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Codie Runs His First #5k

I’m so proud of Codie! He has become quite physically fit recently and keen to do many things.  Currently he does JuiJitSu twice a week, football (socially) a couple times a week, gymnastics once a week, forest school once a week and swimming once a week. We’ve also spotted a volleyball class that his eyes

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