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Complex Symmetry From a 4 Year Old

I re-discovered some photos I took of my now 7 year old, who when he was 4 had this habit of creating near perfect and very complex symmetrical models with things like Duplo and Hama Beads. It’s interesting to reflect on it now.  I would often speak to him about the symmetrical things he created,

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Embedding Running Into Daily Life

One of the things I’m keen on doing is making running, or even walking, a more embedded part of our lifestyle. Earlier this year we got a new car, 5 kids now basically means we need a van.  The problem is we kept hold of our old car too.  The plan was to sell it

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Daytime Sleeping Efficiency for Piper

Piper is almost one and we’ve been figuring out routines, for her, for us as a family and then also figuring out how to fit work in between. We’ve discovered she sleeps really well during the day if we get her to have a nap as close to midday as possible.  Previously she was having

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Sea wall successfully does job of protecting woman stood on dry land

This is in response to some news articles that have shamed me and labelled me a reckless mother. (Scroll to bottom for news links) Last Friday a nosey onlooker looking to make a bit of extra money on a non news worthy topic took a photo of a mother and baby enjoying the great outdoors.

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Limiting Tech for Kids

Tech and food have to be the biggest areas that cause debate (and tensions!) within the unschooling world. It’s also interesting to note that those that create the tech often seem to limit it greatly with their children. Here it mentions the Gate’s and Zuckerberg’s massively limit (or plan to) the tech for their kids.  It

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Getting better at doing nothing and being me

I definitely want to get better at being more idle, less productive, and just being me. Overall I feel quite confident and calm about the direction I’m taking.  And whilst I may not ‘be bored’, I am personally trying and doing better at focusing on the things that matter to me. This is a nice

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Each and every child

Each and every child is such a joy and learning experience. 5 kids in, some would think that we would be accustomed to the ins and outs of how children grow.  That perhaps the little things wouldn’t spark joy. But it is far from the truth. As parents, we grow as each child grows. As

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Flipping the Order of ‘Schooling’

It’s interesting atm, with our 7 year old.  He’s never been to school and we’ve been doing our best to nurture his interests.  Right now all he wants is to be physically active.  Give him the choice of doing some kind of active thing and it’s an immediate yes. Gymnastics and football are the things

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Coaches for employees

For Ministry of Testing I’ve often thought about coaches for our team.  It’s not something I’ve managed to look into in detail, but interesting to see a company offer it as a service. Guided is the easiest way to offer high quality and affordable coaching to all of your employees –

Keeping Track of Books Read

I have two teens in the house at the moment (13 & 14) and I really appreciate the discussions we have and all the resulting decisions they make in regards to their ‘education’. We are (currently) lucky in the UK to not have too much monitoring on our learning activities and I’ve traditionally not been

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