Author: rosiesherry

Podcast as a tool for gaining exposure and brand awareness

I found this article interesting.  In a time when companies are so obsessed with stats and direct links, it feels that people lose their way in what is valuable from a marketing perspective. It’s really not a surprise that podcast advertising doesn’t lead to direct sign ups, but over time it can be a great

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Much Like Most Things, The Grass Is Always Greener

Often things or entities are created and it feels like such a dream world to be in.  The truth is most people don’t see the reality of what things take. Here’s an interesting story about such thing.  Remember, look into other people’s lives and remind yourself that the grass is always greener.  Just ‘doing things

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Complex Symmetry From a 4 Year Old

I re-discovered some photos I took of my now 7 year old, who when he was 4 had this habit of creating near perfect and very complex symmetrical models with things like Duplo and Hama Beads. It’s interesting to reflect on it now.  I would often speak to him about the symmetrical things he created,

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