Parenthood. Founder. Community Builder.

I love being a parent. The freedom of being a founder of a growing business is amazing. The ability and rewards of building a community is wonderful too.

These are the three main things I associate with myself these days. They are all incredibly time consuming, but it’s not only about time.  They are all roles that require constant putting of other people first. It can be draining. Physically and mentally.

My kids needs come first, mostly.  They zap my energy daily.

Often I have to drop or sacrifice things for the sake of the business. Do jobs I hate. Put my personal desires to the side so that business stuff gets done.

Community building can be amazing.  I’ve made great connections and friends over the years. But, bloody hell, some of the stuff I (and we) have to put up with is really not very fun at all.

Along the way I feel like I’ve lost who Rosie is. She has a wonderful family. A great business. And has helped build a variety of communities, small and large.  But Rosie got lost along the way. She got carried away attending to everyone else.

Who is Rosie?

It’s only very recently where I’ve started putting myself first, at least some of the time.  I’ve started carving out time for me, restarting things and my thoughts from scratch, organising all the things in my head, digitally and on paper to help me think more clearly about the things that are important to me.

Of course, these things have helped shaped who I am, but they are not necessarily all of me.

I encourage everyone to look beyond the labels of the people around them. To dive deeper with people and get to know them as human beings. We are much more than the labels society naturally places on us.