Is LinkedIn Lying?

My job title is pretty unique, made up to be honest.  Often I get emails from LinkedIn saying things like: “27 FounderBoss jobs were filled on LinkedIn recently.”

I just find it hard to believe that anyone actually ever recruits for a ‘FounderBoss’.  Even more hard when I click on the link within the email to see current jobs listed and it says there are none.

So is LinkedIn lying and how ethical, or not, is it to do this kind of thing?

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    According to the LinkedIn search I’ve just run, you’re the only ‘FounderBoss’ within my wider network. Perhaps it’s separating Founder and Boss? If not, there is something fishy going on..

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    It is a sign of weakness that LinkedIn has to motivate users to use it for job opportunities. Wouldn’t it be like a browser occasionally popping up a message to the user: ¨Hey, you can shop online with me, why don’t you give it a try?¨

    Connecting people with jobs can be much, much better. Here is the rough vision for a start-up: Focus the app on jobs and not on social media. Make it possible for me as employee to fully use the app and only pay a fee when I got a job with it. Make searching for jobs as good as searching for products on Amazon. Propose jobs to the user only in a small section. The main way to look for jobs should be by actively searching and not by being fed with job proposals by the app. Include public reviews of companies in the app and for the offered jobs after been at interviews. Filter for internal jobs, consulting or freelancer opportunities, because they are much different. If you are a freelancer, sign the contract online with that app. Bid for the job, telling your price and conditions. Negotiate online in an electronic way, or like in an auction. Make every detail of the contract and payment transparent to employee and hiring company. Uberize the job market with a new app. Eliminate the men in the middle, make it peer to peer: employee and employer. Focus the app on the requirements of the employee and not on employers. Make it a worldwide blockbuster app so that LinkedIn appears like a stone age tool.

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