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I’ve been looking more into taking notes with cards and have come across the concept of Commonplace books, which I like very much!  I’ve been working on taking notes on cards anyways, but this gives my efforts another sense of focus.

I plan to use a mixture of cards, Evernote and my varying websites to log all the things.  We shall see how it goes.

Here’s some useful bits that I’ve come across.

“A commonplace book is a central resource or depository for ideas, quotes, anecdotes, observations and information you come across during your life and didactic pursuits. The purpose of the book is to record and organization these gems for later use in your life, in your business, in your writing, speaking or whatever it is that you do.” – Maria Popova


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    Why are you looking to keep notes on cards? James Lindsay mentioned he does the same thing recently also…

    I have a few places I store things currently:

    – Evernote for general digital note taking and catchall for pretty much anything useful, day to day work tasks and useful info.
    – Wunderlist for things I want to come back to later for blogging etc.
    – Kindle and iBook notes and highlights from whatever I’m reading.
    – if what I’m reading is sufficiently important, I’ll review the notes and highlights once done and transcribe them along with additional thoughts, observations, annotations etc into a Moleskine notebook.
    – I’ll use that same Moleskine notebook for training notes etc also. It’s a “keeper” notebook, basically. Something I’ll refer back to in the future.
    – I also have a larger Moleskine notepad for other day to day note taking, meetings, modelling/sketching/mind mapping etc. This one will get thrown away once done, after I’ve reviewed it on the off chance there’s something I want to keep.

    I think I considered an everyday book some years back, but never made any progress with it. Interested to hear how you get on.

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    ‘I think’ I feel that many thoughts are random or come when I’m reading something that I normally end up forgetting quickly. By creating a stack of notes then I believe I will be able to process them more flexible than a note book. I have some many partially used notebooks! I will still be doing some things digitally, most of it is about habit, but there is also something therapeutic about writing things down in real life.

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