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I’m at StarWEST this week so thought I’d make the effort of taking some notes of some of the sessions/talks I’ve been attending.  I don’t have the stamina to do it for all of them, but here’s my mindmap and some relevant photos from Mike and Jeanette’s talk.  I was particularly interested in this one as I’ve always been keen to hear more about testing related to startups.

This is not a replacement for the talk and may not be entirely understood without context.  Just saying 🙂

Download the PDF / Download the text file.

What executives value in testing Michael Kelly Jeanette Thebeau


Abstract of the talk:

Professional testers and test managers are feeling the pressures of low-cost competition and tools that claim to replace them through automation. So, how can test teams add more value to their projects and organization? In a recent survey of executives and testers, Mike Kelly and Jeanette Thebeau found major disconnects between what executives and testers believe are most important to the business. They explore new insights into the risks and concerns executives perceive and what you should do differently. In the survey, most testers believed that finding ways to cut operational costs was a low priority test objective, but executives listed operational cost reduction as a high value testing activity. On the flip side, testers believed that regulatory compliance was a high priority, while most executives reported compliance testing was a low priority. Join Mike and Jeanette to find new ways to help ensure the products you test solve the business problem, meet customer needs, reduce operational costs, scale easily as demand increases, and are built to quickly add new features over time.

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    I hope I didn’t interrupt your lunch meeting with James on Thursday (and I forgot to introduce myself) – sorry on both accounts! What mapping tool are you using? I’m interested in finding mind mapping software that can export in a nice visual way.

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      Hah, no worries. You’ll have to find another time to interrupt and introduce yourself properly 😛

      I use SimpleMind for MindMapping, works a treat 🙂

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    The business value executive will see: If a tester is doing process optimization which is IMHO also a quality aspect. A tester should be a process improver. So, continuous delivery, reducing time to get a release in production (release test cycle), make developers effective and efficient in checking requirements and / or specifications, … the main goal is delivery in a defined [high] quality!

    Examples: If you create automated integration / functional tests the customer can also use in his environment you make the process faster to get a release stamped as ‘done’.

    At the beginning of a project coach the developers/business analysts in making agile specification control (agile SQC -> http://www.gilb.com) to reduce the potential defects from the beginning which will save project time for getting expected times in the whole software development process.

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