And Then There Were Two

Looks like I’ll be unschooling Thing 2 as well come the end of the school year.  He’s up for it. I’m up for it, though I am aware it’s going to be a challenge, he certainly has different learning styles that Aaron.

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    I wrote at Lissa’s blog (Lilting House) a bit about our own experiences, and of crouse the only experiences I’m qualified to write about are our own, much as I know, JoVE, that you’re talking about your own situation with Tigger. When our eldest was in the local school in first grade, and a year ahead of her peers, the principal and teacher started talking about her being gifted and talented . I was even more surprised to discover that under our province’s education ministry, the designation of G&T is coded under special education along with mild or moderate disabilities/delays , and that in order to deal with my daughter they needed to access special funding. It all rather turned me off, and I’m much more comfortable with bright and motivated . I also wonder about all the kids remaining in the local school system, who certainly seemed bright and motivated when I first encountered them in Kindergarten, but in whose eyes the light of learning has dimmed each passing year. I wonder what they would have accomplished in the past few years if only their gifts and talents had been nurtured rather than warehoused.

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