Promoted Tweets Humour – When People Respond To Ads

What happens when you can talk back to ads? This does!

All the Tweets below were promoted tweets.

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    I do this a lot, I find it cathartic, although it probably says too much about me. Here’s some of my most recent ones. I cannot un-say these things.

    @Lancebeo5hxm Thanks for spamming me! May your skin turn to liquid and your bones bleach under an unforgiving Sun.

    @adriannieves15 @CapriGirlCam Thanks for the spam. I hope you get an attack of violent diarrhoea while stuck in heavy traffic.

    @mosalsaneakaw @Iouis_tomIinsan Thanks for the spam. I hope rabid ferrets burrow into your anus and chew your colon in twain

    @Hughjwapwr I hope you lose function in your arms and legs in the middle of a forest and an angry ferret gnaws your balls off.

    I told a spammer the I hope his balls get gnawed off by a ferret. Now I’m followed by @FerretNews. INTERNET!!

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    Oh no, I think all these keywords are going to encourage spam and bad ratings to my blog 😐

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