5 Reasons Why Google+ is Better Than Twitter

For the record: I still love Twitter, but in 2012 I’m giving G+ more of my time.

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1. The search baby!

The search on Twitter winds me up to the moon and back.  It’s so frustratingly hard to find previous tweets.  This is not a problem with Google+.  Infact it’s quite the opposite.  If you do a search in G+ whilst thinking about the search in Twitter it actually makes you smile.  Well it did for me at least 🙂

2. It’s easier to comment

Sure, Twitter is simple to comment on or ‘talk with someone’. You just @ people, right? But that gets confusing.  If multiple tweets are happening, it’s hard to see who is replying to what.  I’ve just found myself saying ‘aaaarrrrghhh’ too many times.

G+ doesn’t have this problem.  A nice simple commenting system is in place. It works. It’s easy to read. It doesn’t waste my time!

3. It’s not about real time

Real time is too hard. Sure, for a while it was alright. But then many more interesting people joined Twitter. And I wanted to keep up with them all. I’d say things like ‘you’re cool, I’d like to follow you?’. But I couldn’t. I remembered I had a life and work to get on with. And even if I did end up following *you* I wouldn’t have the time to read the Tweets.

And then people say to me, ‘Yo sista. Did you not see my Tweet?’ And I’m like, ‘No sorry dude, I do apologise’.

G+ is about being current, but you don’t have to check it every 5 minutes.  It’s ok.  It’s like they understand that people have a life.

4. Keeping organised

Twitter just kind of grew and then came ways to help people organise the information flow.  As a result, no matter how many times I try to keep my lists up to date – I JUST CAN”T. Honest, I’ve tried. And tried, but it just ain’t happening. As a result it’s just a big pile of mess.  Being organised is essential for such a stream of data/info.

G+ on the other hand make you add someone to a circle to begin with.  This makes you make a conscious decision on how to organise your contacts from day one.  For me, this has worked wonders.

5. There’s no limit on what you can share

140 characters has long been the ‘success’ point of Twitter, but more recently I’ve found it being a real pain not being able to share more. I feel it is actually holding me back. Sure, people can share links, but I’m never quite sure what to expect when I click them. With G+ I can share anything, right there and then.  No need to click elsewhere. Winner.