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Had the first experience of buying a Kindle book the other day.  It was all very slick ‘n’ all that.

But when I go to buy a Kindle book, or any digital format book, something in my head tells me it is wrong if the digital format is more expensive than the print format.

It just doesn’t feel right. It has often left me not wanting to buy either because I feel quite annoyed by the whole situation 🙁

Why can’t they price the Kindle formats lower? Why don’t they discount them like they do with print versions?

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    Hi Rosie

    I wonder if you are charged more because you are getting a copy of the book (in electronic) format before the publishing date?

    The printed version is not due until the 6th Oct 2011.

    In my experience I have found that the majority of kindle books are cheaper than the printed version. Maybe because you are getitng an ‘exclusive’ they charge more. We could do a quick set of tests to prove the theory if you feel inclined to do so ;o)


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    “Why can’t they price the Kindle formats lower?”

    Answer: They can, as long as you understand that the “they” in this case is actually the Publishers, not Amazon. In this case, blame Random House.

    It is rather unusual that a new hardcover costs less than a Kindle version. That’s the exception rather than the rule.

    But Amazon originally priced most Kindle versions at $9.99 or less (at least in the US), until Apple and the largest publishers implemented an Agency Model geared at iPad books, and geared at forcing Amazon to cede pricing control back to the Publishers. There is a lawsuit underway about that, so the situation could change.

    Meanwhile, Amazon does have “Kindle Daily Deals” where they offer a single title in Kindle format each day at a substantial discount. see:

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    The price of ebooks is higher in the UK because unlike paper books VAT is payable at the full rate

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