A nice way to access a new feature from Rapportive

I’ve been using Rapportive since it came out.  If you are not, you may want to sign yourself up.

It is so useful having information on people next to emails in your inbox.  It makes it that bit easier to get to know the person you are about to email.  I find it especially useful for people I don’t really know – in email lists for example.

They recently launched a new feature where the person’s data appears when you are sending someone an email.  As they say on their website, this is incredibly useful information.  If they have tweeted they are on holiday, then perhaps you should send the email another time.

However, what I liked even more was the way they rolled out this feature.  They didn’t (at least not what I’m aware of) email their user base.  Instead, on their blog post they say you just need to visit a page to get access to the new feature.  At the click of a link there was a nice personalised (with my name) welcome message and I had instant access to this new feature.  Much better than receiving a newsletter, a ‘coming soon’ post or ‘enter your email’ to gain early access.

They then give you the option to ‘share it with friends’.

Instant and social gratification. We need more of that on the web.