Gathering data from emails

It’s kind of scary what kind of data can be gathered from emails.

I came across RapLeaf and gave it a spin on our email list from Software Testing Club.

The nice fancy graphs and images made it seem quite impressive.

Out of 10,000 emails, 7,000 were used to build up the Gender ratio. 2,000 were used for the age.  A fair amount of data to capture and represent.

The rest of it was less impressive.  The map was only of the US.  All other graphs were made from around 100 entries.

The concept is interesting and somewhat scary. It will probably work better for more US focused lists, but I guess the rest of the world really needs to wait.


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    Well, the “just US” part stinks….And, interesting about Texas? Seriously? I am in Texas and don’t see that many other Texan Testers interacting on blogs and forums. I mean, I see a few, but certainly not enough to push us to the top portion of the lists. Are most of my fellow Texan Testers lurkers? (That is not a typical Texan characteristic at all. We are usually loud and proud.)

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