Passionate Business Model

Watch this to see someone doing awesome stuff.

When watching it many people think or say they are going to give up Coke/Pepsi.  It would be nice if it was true.  It would also be nice if people could think about other corporations dominating our lives and how they will probably only go away if WE DECIDE AND CHOOSE  to stop consuming their not so superior products.

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    I love this, and it’s always wonderful to see someone talking about what they’re passionate about.

    This is the kind of thing that reminds me what I loved about the US. Hundreds of brands of soda, still being produced by family firms? It could never happen in this country because we just don’t seem to have the taste for choice – I wonder if it really is a cultural thing. We just settle for whatever’s available, thereby providing fuel to the supermarkets’ cry of ‘we sell what people want’ and becoming a self-fulfilling truth. We always get what we always got.

    Soda is an iconic product in the US – Coca-Cola and Pepsi are almost mythical brands, and I can’t help but feel that it’s on their shirt-tails that the small producers still ride. If there was no Coke, no demand for Coke, would there still be the demand for cucumber soda, root beer or all the other eclectic flavours? Do we need the corporate brands to continue in order for the smaller ones to survive – all rubbing up against each other in the eco-system? Is the whole point of Galco’s is that it is not an outlet for the big brands – if there were no big brands, wouldn’t Galco’s lose the thing that makes it special?

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