Crowdsourcing for government

I can’t help but look at the government and feel completely dissatisfied.

There really could be a better way.

As an example, imagine if:

Each street in every town and city had a representative.  A community person. Someone who ensured everything in the street was ok. Someone who would act and report things on behalf of the street. There would be some kind of benefit associated with it, not necessarily a salaried position.  Perhaps something like getting 100% relief on council tax or local vouchers of some kind.

Or, perhaps there could be something like Kickstarter.  Someone could post a project like paint over some local graffiti, clear the snow and grit their street, host a local street party.  It could be funded by the government. There would be some money in it for the people that do it. It improves the local community spirit and provides a different way for people to make money.

Or imagine if we could all vote at the click of a mouse button on where money should go.  Instead of people who live in different worlds to us to make decisions on our behalf.

Just ideas and probably wishful thinking 🙂

2 comments on “Crowdsourcing for government

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    Have you gone mad? Wishful thinking indeed. You make it sound like the people who make the decisions on local policy don’t listen to their constituents?

    Seriously though, I think it’s a fab idea. Rosie for Prime Minister. Rosie for Prime Minister. Rosie for Prime Minister. Rosie for Prime Minister.



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    Here in the Colonies (U.S.A) we call it “Big Brother”. Be careful of what you ask for, you will get it in spades.

    And I’m not bagging on you Rosie, it would be great to be able to use the internet to be able to vote and influence our elected officials in running the government. But the converse of this is the “looking over the shoulders” of our fellow citizens can and will lead to abuses.

    As you know here in the U.S. we are still dealing with the Patriot Act and the mess it has made. Even before that the government had the ‘Carnivore’ system in place monitoring our emails.

    And finally I wouldn’t want to Crowdsource Test anything for government.

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