Over 50% rejects acceptable?

In 2007 just 44% of young people achieved what the govenment considers to be the baseline: five GCSE passes including English and maths…school is dramatically failing, event at this most basic of tasks. Any manufacturer who consistently produced over 50% of rejects would not stay in business for long – source What’s the Point of School?: Rediscovering the Heart of Education

Can someone please give me lots of money to address issues of education?


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    That’s not necessarily true – a company that consistently produced over 50% of rejects could afford to stay in business provided that the profit on a success more than outweighed the loss on a reject.

    What’s the cost? Free education for all children, plus benefits for those who don’t end up working.

    What’s the profit? 22% on those who work for the rest of their lives, and 42% for those who are more successfully (but this usually involves more costs in the form of university grants, student loans (the money could be invested elsewhere) plus lost capital on those that don’t pay the new style loan back within 25 years).

    Besides, this “company” has another ace in the hole – even if you don’t get their “product” (and educate yourself in some other way), you still have to pay for it (with taxes etc.), no other company that I can think of can say that.

    On a side note, how ironic that a post ranting about children failing English has spelt ‘government’ wrong, and mistyped ‘even’ as ‘event’.

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    The point that I was trying to get at is that the system clearly doesn’t work well. To say it’s ok because other kids still get free education is besides the point.

    To have a system where there is really only one choice – go to a school the way the government has designed it or…pay for a private option or educate them yourselves.

    With all the money ploughed into education they should be doing better and providing more options.

    I won’t even enter into the ironic spelling mistakes comment.

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    profit and loss? surely children are worth more than this. what happened to the whole idea of people? Much of education is based around how children turn out as whole and responsible beings, not just how good their exam results are. I guess if you’ve never taught children you should stop writing about it for a while and get some experience in – or if you have children of your own and feel so strongly about it, you should try teaching before ranting, or at least see your children through a few years before you start making assumptions, and then you’ll see what’s more important. Were you educated in England? Did you turn out alright? Well then…!
    By the way, ironic spelling mistakes comments should of course be entered into to bring everything into perspective

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