Room for improvement

The more I look at the web in relation to building online services, the more I see most of it just doesn’t work (well).

I’m referring more to scenarios like people job hunting, finding clients and finding talent.  There are many other scenarios this could refer to – but basically it’s about finding the people you want in a trustworthy and non spammy way.

There are god knows how many jobsites out there. There appears to be never ending (ok, well perhaps quite a few) amount of project boards.  There are obviously lots of talented people (and CV databases) out there too, but why is it so hard to find them?  And why is so hard to get your skills noticed?

There are people I know job hunting.  The process of finding a job is horrible. Send CV after CV after CV with little or no response.  Does a CV really show how good someone is at their job?

Networking events can be useful, but within their title and visual perception they naturally have this given pressure to meet, meet, meet people.  Even if I don’t personally have the pressure, many of the other people I speak to do.

Twitter is a good example of what can work.  It’s not a jobsite or a project board, but people do find work and friends through it.

Do we need to stop thinking about building the better tools? Would it be more wise to think about how we can work together better – as social human beings?

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    I know what you mean – if you are looking for a job then it’s kind of impossible; so many places to look, so many CVs to send.
    I think job hunters need to narrow the focus of their search. Rather than including every possibility, I think it’s better to focus on a few key areas and possibly just approach ideal employers individually.
    Many job hunters go wrong by sending bad generalised emails to the wrong people. A customised email to the person in charge of hiring – actually that still sucks. Find out who would hire you, then call them. Do that all day long. Oh, but make sure you know what to say to the person who answers the phone. Be nice, be concise. I don’t know why I’m adding this job hunting advice to your comments. Hi Rosie!

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