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Home Education has always been on my list of options for my boys.  Although I opted for Lewes New School in the end (which is fab) it’s still on my list…just not now, got too much on my plate at the moment.

I’m not shy in saying that I think the educational system here mostly sucks.  Of course that is my opinion and I don’t mind if you disagree.

However, there’s a bit of an uproar at the moment.  A government report has come out stating that all families that home educate must register annually.  This report has been in the pipeline for a while and  originally stigmatised the home education community by saying it was to investigate how home education could be used as a cover up to child abuse.

Rather than explaining it, if you are interested there is an article on the topic with plenty of comments.  There’s also a Facebook group.

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    Rosie Land, I’m grateful to you for raising the issue quietly and quickly.

    There is a civil rights issue at the heart of this report. The recommendations put into place a means by which ALL PARENTS of children of any age can potentially be visited by the local authority and the children interviewed alone. Our rights to choose our lifestyle, our rights to be respected and trusted as parents, are being removed; the governemnt is using the child abuse issue to do so, because they believe no-one can morally argue against it.

    I strongly recommend reading Renegade Parent. (Renegade Parent http://www.renegadeparent.net/post/ParentsIts-not-a-home-education-issue-its-a-civil-liberties-issue.aspx#top)

    If you enter the home ed blog rings you will also find plenty of opinion and comment.

    Thanks again, Rosie Land.

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    As an after school home tutor for kids I realised how much more relaxed they were when learning at home in a quiet familiar environment. I think some kids do best at home but it’s not for everyone.

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