Freecycle – trying to work with it better

I love freecycle.  Mostly to get rid of stuff, but on the odd occasion to get things too.

I stopped using it for quite a while mostly because of rude people, sob stories and people not showing up.  It seemed to happen all too often and was such a waste of my precious rosie time.

I’m going back to freecyle now as a result of having clearout stuff in an attempt to move to Lewes.  I’ve opted to take a systematic approach, which involves some or all of the following:

  • deleting any sob stories, etc…
  • I leave at least 12 hours before responding to anything.  I don’t believe in the first come, first serve rule that freecycle have (or had?)
  • checking to see if the person has contributed to the freecycle community.  If they have they have a greater chance of getting the item. (This is the point with the greatest value).
  • a quick Google search to see if I can find out who they are.  Admittedly this isn’t entirely fair, but the person I just gave something to is on Twitter, has a website and is involved in charity work.  That did help me make the final decision.

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    when we relocated from the U.S. to Brighton, we had a lot of things to offload. some of our valued possessions were put up at a nominal price- like $25USD for a complete kitchen set. we would get zero responses but as soon as we offered it up for free our inbox would be flooded with stories of recovering alcoholics, college kids, etc. it was fascinating and disgusting at the same time. we did give away a lot for free this way but ended up taking most of it to the local shelter and let them deal with the sordid stories.

    another thing that we did was had a karma sale- the idea is that people come in and leave money in our karma jar and pay what they think is a fair price for things.

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    I use freecycle all the time!! I don’t have enough tim eto drop things at the op shop, so i just post to freecycle. I love it – we actually got a piano – just for the kids to play with really – until recently – when my aunt came to teach my daughter – she said that done up, it would be worth $5-6K – needless to say – the kids are no longer able to use it when eating and they must remember to close the cover. Stop the land fill!!!! Use freecycle

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