Community life has declined over the past 30 years

Well, it’s no suprise, is it?  Anyone could tell you that we don’t know our neighbours from our ****.  At least there’s confirmation of it now.

Question is, what will or can be done about it?  Will it get worse? Or better?

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    I was born in a city of 7.5 million people – London – and now live in a small town in Ontario, Canada, with a population of 7,500. I’ve been here less than two years, and I’m constantly amazed at how everyone looks out for everyone else. We had a pretty bad flood a few weeks ago that devastated dozens of houses so the local board of trade got together with several churches to set up a relief fund. Benevolence is infectious here, so businesses have been donating thousands of dollars, despite the financial downturn. In a few short weeks we’ve raised over $18,000.00, plus we received a $5,000.00 contribution from the local council.

    I can’t imagine this happening in England. Or at least I never heard of people spontaneously banding together to help their neighbours, either in London or Brighton.

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