Blogging is over rated

Blogging is over rated.   The  noise hurts. Lack of passion wastes my space.

Too many people are being sold that blogging is the solution.

Perhaps this is why people don’t trust bloggers.

Perhaps people need to stop being a blogger and start becoming a friends.

3 comments on “Blogging is over rated

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    Point 1 – I guess it depends what the purpose of your blog is.

    Point 2 – if a “friend”/colleague or “friend of a friend” reviews a product on their blog (which is often how these things work), it becomes a trusted and accessible source.

    Prattling now – 99% of people can get caught by sweeping statements and reductionist research. Substitute “blog” for “piece of paper” and see if it still makes sense.

    Early days innit.

    Agree passionately with your point about passion v noise. Rock on there Rosy.

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    But when a “blogger” becomes a “friend/acquaint” they leap from 30% to 83%. And surely people don’t follow the blogs of sources they don’t trust …

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