I want write about what is important…to me

This is my space. My blog. My little world to write about what is important…to me.

It use to talk about Software Testing…my day job though increasingly not so much my day job. I moved my previous blog under the banner of DrivenQA – mainly to separate my professional stuff from the less formal.

It appears to have become a dumping ground for videos and the very occasional semi thought out blog post. Twitter hasn’t helped my blogging efforts either. I find the need to blog has significantly reduced as Twitter is kind of like my ‘quick fix’.

Things are changing though, hopefully for the better, and not all completely geeky either 🙂

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    Hi, I thoroughly enjoy blogs that mix technical and personal. It makes the person real and I learn if I can trust and respect a person’s opinion.

    I’m looking forward to what comes out of this space 🙂


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