Does Social Media devalue search?

Something I’ve noticed over the past few months is a significant reduction in my use of Search Engines.

What I’ve found is that I’ve developed my own way of finding information, this use to consist mostly of Google searches, but now it’s different.  Focused social networks, Twitter, RSS/Blogs, word of mouth, co-working at The Werks (!) all play a much greater part of in my decisions of where to go and what to choose.

Thinking about it, I use search engines (Google) mostly for tracking new the buzz on certain keywords.

Interesting times lay ahead, I think.

2 comments on “Does Social Media devalue search?

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    Yep, same here. I get by entirely on and other friend recommendations. I can’t remember the last time I used Google to find specific content.

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    web2.0 will never kill google, as long as google will be the “good” king – in web2.0 there are a lot possibilities to “change” the first places!

    deliciuos still is ok – to find something in the whole web “google” will be the best – for a long time!

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