The problem with Ebay

I use to use Ebay…alot.  Almost everything I bought my eldest son (almost 4yrs now) was from Ebay.  So much so, we use to call our boys Ebay babies.

I’ve also marvelled at the fact that I’ve sold items for much more than they were actually worth.  I wondered what fools were bidding too much on what I was selling!

I haven’t used it much in the past couple years, it now seems overcrowded.

The problem as a buyer

Well yes you can find hard to find second hand goods.  Or second hand goods that have never been opened.  However, people bid too much on items; even if the final bidding price is cheaper than what it costs new you still have to pay for postage, which usually pushes the price to being very close to the cheapest price on an online shop.  Yet buying through Ebay doesn’t give you the guarantees (warranty, etc) that most online shops do.

I am generalising.  You can grab a bargain and sometimes get free postage, but usually for the time spent searching and bidding/buying, it is not worth the effort.  I’m better of searching for the same thing through Google.

The problem as a seller

I hate selling on Ebay.  I suppose you need the time, which I don’t seem to have at the moment.  They try to make it easy, but it’s still an effort to get all the information and photos together.  Figuring out what the postage to offer.  Then having to pack it and go down the post office to post it.

Then they have the cheek to charge you for posting the item and cash in further through the use of PayPal.  Pah!

Ebay insurance only works for buyers

From a recent experience, I’ve discovered that you should always get full insurance for any items that are posted: I recently sold a mobile phone for £80 and according to the description I wrote I posted it by recorded delivery (which covers £30 damages).  The item got lost in the post.  Ebay took the £80 from my PayPal account and gave it back to the buyer (who had paid via PayPal and subsequently had PayPal insurance).  I effectively lost £80.

My argument was that I did everything according to the description of the item, which the buyer agreed to.  Surely the buyer must be responsible too? and the buyer should get their money back from Ebay, but I shouldn’t have been penalised for following everything the item description said.

So it seems to me that Ebay insurance is just for buyers.  Not for sellers.  What kind of insurance is that?

It also didn’t help that the customer service was poor and I could really feel the automated with a bit of human approach they were taking.

I should probably read the small print, but to be honest I don’t have the time.

I had to grumble about this.

I hearby resign myself from Ebay.

(Mind you, they are missing a trick – localised Ebay).

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    Although I haven’t had the issues stated above, I have been regularly victimized by recent fraudulent activity. I am a seller on eBay and have had to contend with fraudulent buyers who: 1. Hijack someone’s account to make unauthorized bids and purchases. 2. Hijackers ask me to ship the unpaid-for item (like THAT’S wise) to an address (which was usually in Africa) and 3. Hijackers have recently ended my auctions or buy-it-now “auctions” buy overbidding or entering a price that no one would consider bidding against (e.g. $6000 for a $650 camera). Ebay has offered no protection from these fraudulent users and I’m just losing money in these listings so I, too, have resigned my usage of ebay.

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    I too have a gripe with eBay. I am a seller. On Oct. 2, 2007 I had an auction end and I had an auction winner. The following day the buyer emailed me they were sending a money order for the purchase of the auction. I NEVER GOT IT. So on Oct. 10th I filed a Non-Paying Buyers dispute….they never responded to it, nor did the email me, answer phone calls, etc. So on the 18th of Oct. I closed the dispute, received the FVF and relisted/sold the item again.
    All went well until NOV 28th – at which time the buyer opened an “ITEM NOT RECEIVED” dispute against ME!!! They are now claiming they sent (get this) CASH – and I kept their money. NO HELP FROM eBAY for me though. All I get from eBay is that if the person escalates this to Trust and Security – I will have a chance to tell my side of the story before THEY make a decision.

    Does anyone suppose I am about to make a cash donation to this thief???

    I, too, am through with eBay – if this thing is ever settled so that I can close my account with them. I wonder where they think they would be without the SELLERS that they care so little about! We should all get a class action lawsuit going against them. ha

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